Wearable Smart Devices have been restricted since its inception few years back to the connectivity with a smart phone through Bluetooth and minimizing its effectiveness to communicate once the paired smart phone had no data or its battery died off.
Our Solution is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication ) based products with full connectivity on its own without needing to pair with smartphone. This Relatively new way of communication (for smart watches ) allows the device to act as a secondary communicating device in case of emergency. Features such as 2-Way Calls , S.O.S and GPS Locating are now possible using Smart Watches and other Devices and we are working on harnessing this technology and creatively widening our scope of products . Our belief in Limitless Security and being able to achieve full connectivity with everything that One Requires is no longer a dream , and we are achieving our vision .

“B_Sane” Security

We are here today to provide you with the first Security Solution for tracking and monitoring service for home everything that matters to you! Presenting the latest smart technology in Securing,Tracking and Monitoring your loved ones whether they are home , driving on the road , commuting and even if they are at a remote location away ,All from your Smart phone.
Our project is based on Simplicity (easy installation and one app access), Practicality ( multiple uses for each device ) and Limitless (without Boundries ,anywhere in the world!)
ALL in one security Solution for Your Home, Family , Cars , Pets and much more in one application .

“B_Sane” Security

GPS Tracking Solution from your Smart phone !
Get notified when your vehicle or work truck full of valuable tools ,at the first sign of a prowling
Locate your vehicle IMMEDIATELY if it got stolen.)
Driver Rating if you have employees including complete breakdown of their Work day!
Best Features Provided including Geo Fencing , Engine trouble codes , Fuel consumption and much more !
“B_Sane” Security Application has accomplished and integral role of combining Parameter Surveillance Systems with Boundless Tracking and gps Monitoring system all in One APP. The Solution is based on most Recent Technologies in the smart device industry including Wearable , plug-ins and easy mountable devices. The Key to our success is Easy install , Worldwide Drop shipping and Self-Monitoring capabilities that provide the peace of mind through instant knowledge of the Security of one’s loved ones and properties at anytime.

Software configurations in our application provides a distinction beyond most simple platform based solutions in the market . Our Secure Cloud Based Solution allows instant tracking and monitoring Features based on real-time with a multi-encrypted secure and one client access per network.

Alerts , Notifications and Push Notifications distinguishes our software from anything out there ; providing multi level criteria management including and not limited to Geo-fencing , Parameter Breach (Exterior Zone) , Fall Sensor , Accident Sensor , Engine Trouble codes and much more .

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