We Have Designed and in the Process of Launching the Security Solution that allows You to Keep a Close Eye on everything you Care for and love  .

Your Monitoring system for Home, Vehicles, Children , Pets and more can be tracked 24/7 through One Smart Platform .GPS Monitoring System.We are wireless security system provider.

We have addressed issues like Monitoring a new driver’s habits and getting alerts of any dangers to come due to reckless driving!

Your home is the Security Blanket that keeps your family safe yet break ins and Robberies are a common occurence these days , protect your family home before a break in occurs by getting alerts of danger lurking in your front Porch or your backyard and Remotely Siren for a quick deterent while having visual proof to provide to the local authorities.

Your Adolescent children needs and eye on them all the time even if they are going to school, we provide personal tracking gadgets like watches and pendents that can alert you of any incidences like being abducted or even leaving home when on a curfew!!

All these and many more Functional and Deliverable products can be tracked through your smartphone on our APP #B-saneLaunching around Christmas 2018 .

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